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The Yellow Brick Road… to Hell August 13, 2012

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You know how the Yellow Brick Road might be a metaphor for destiny?  Or your gut instinct?  Or GPS?  Well sometimes it’s a combination of all 3.  Today I realized that there is a way to get from my house to Starbucks without taking any main roads, and so I used my instinct to weave through back roads to get to Coffee Heaven.  On my way back, I got lost.  Did I take a right on my way there, and therefore need to take a left on my way back?  Was it this street I turned on, or the one I already passed?  And is that dog taking a shit so close to my car because he doesn’t like me?  I then got home by process of “oh shit, this isn’t the right street” elimination.  Then, later today, my husband and I were coming home from a friend’s house, and I was like, “Hey friend, let’s take this shortcut again and see if I can remember how to get home from my adventures earlier today,” which only proved that no, I did not remember the shortcut from earlier today.  So Hubby Bubby forced me to use the GPS on my phone.  Even later tonight, I came home from dinner with my best friend and thought to myself “Now is my moment.”  So I took the shortcut for the third time.  I did it. I got home within seven minutes, and I didn’t make any mistakes.

But the real thing is this:  Tonight was the first time in a long time that I wanted to try something new, something that was a tiny bit risky, and I kept at it until I got it right.  I said “I’m going to try this, and I’m going to succeed,” and then I did.  Sure, it was a safe neighborhood of middle class families with roads that aren’t that long or windy.  Yes, I was listening to a podcast featuring Angela Kinsey to keep my spirits high.  But it’s the first time in a year that I did something that I wanted to try, for no one other than myself, just because I wanted to, even though it was slightly stupid.

That is all.


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